Let’s Talk About Engagement

Take a second to think about your favorite station… Yea, radio station. The one you wake up to every morning. Your favorite one when you’re sitting in traffic or getting through a long day at work. Maybe you listen to NPR for the intellectual stimulation. Did you grow up listening to Big Boy in Los Angeles? What about his “phone taps” — those crazy crank phone calls. The concerts and promotions. The things Big does out in the community. You probably choose a station, first, for the music, but when 2-4 other stations all play the same songs, it’s the connection you have to the station that causes engagement. Besides the music, what are the things that make it special?

Now, apply those principles to your new Radio Station

You’re building a 24 hour radio station. You already have a built-in audience of people who share your values in your congregation. Now, you have a new opportunity to extend and grow your outreach ministry on a digital platform that transcends all borders and reaches people anywhere in the world. GODCASTING™ gives you FULL CONTROL of your radio station.

When your extended family is really going through it and needs a motivational word or inspiration, they don’t have to wait until next service to get it. They can trust that it’s family friendly and appropriate to listen with kids in the car.

How Will You Engage Your Audience?

  • 24/7 radio that reinforces your values the other 6 days a week
  • Block Programming: your congregation has many voices, engage them too! Maybe an attorney wants to share legal consultation — they might want to pay a reasonable fee to be on the air every week.
  • Give your existing members the perfect message when/wherever they need to hear it
  • Outreach: Share the Word beyond your borders
  • Share your original music (royalty free)
  • Promotions (upcoming events)
  • Community / public affairs programming
  • Round Table Discussions
  • Financial Programming
  • Youth Programming
  • Bible Studies
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Preaching
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Performances
  • LIVE Services
  • News/Talk programming
  • New Revenue Streams: 24/7 Giving and Advertising Opportunities
  • Develop Custom iOS/Android apps extending your brand to mobile

GODCASTING™ gives you FULL CONTROL of your radio station

There really are NO LIMITS to what you can do. You might start with one station and decide that you’d like to have multiple channels each featuring a specific format. For instance, a Youth Radio station, a Teaching and Preaching station, and another station dedicated to 24/7 original Spiritual music. The 2 key ingredients are passion and imagination.


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